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Posted on December 28, 2018 In Environment 3 721

Vision 3


Vision of the Future of Water Redistribution

The ancient Romans constructed a massive system of aqueducts to irrigate regions of the empire land where rain fall was light or non-existent, and to bring water into their cities from water sources outside of them. These aqueducts allowed the Romans to grow the food and supply the water to support and expand the growth of their population and the development of their culture.

I am envisioning a time in the not to distant future when our country, and other places in the world, will employ a similar technology to lessen flooding and drought damage, saving lives and monetary resources, the latter of which can be employed elsewhere. The system would include tunnels underground and, where necessary, structures above ground. Unlike the Romans who employed gravity to move water, the system I envision would employ both gravity and, where necessary, pumping systems. We already use such technology to move vast amount of oil and gas. Why not water, our most important resource?

In areas susceptible to flooding, there will be channels to siphon off the water into huge underground water storage facilities that would then divert the water into tunnels heading out to areas of the country where rainfall tends to be light and, in many years, non-existent. Along the way, water will be pumped away from the main channels and diverted to smaller tunnel systems taking water to cities, towns, and regions along the way. The end of the line would be the western regions of our country which often suffer fire and crop damage for lack of water. Finally, the excess water would be stored in regional storage facilities for future use. Since the whole country would benefit from such an idea, this water redistribution system would be publicly-funded and operated by a commission reflective of our diverse population and being composed of our brightest and most experienced people. The duration of the terms of the commission members would be short, perhaps no more than a couple of years. This would help to insure innovation and the constant introduction of new and better ideas.


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  • I like this idea about a better distribution of water resources and of course there are many new technologies that can aid in the movement of water across large distances such as solar pumps located in the more arid regions which need the water. Also it brings to mind that since we are talking about possible futures, it seems to me we should also be thinking about the global population that puts so much pressure on our resources. If we can be more creative and conscientious about growth rates around the world, we can reduce the demand and bring a better ecological balance over several generations. It will take time but hey?! we are talking about the future.!

    • What kind of a Vision can you share about more sustainable population growth? In the positive future you envision, how is sustainable population growth realized?

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