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A Call to Action for a Global Vision of a Positive FutureTM


The purpose of this website is to gather and develop a wide range of visions for a positive future. We believe that it is time to stop complaining about how bad things are and start envisioning futures that do not predict collapsing economies, the poisoning of our environment, the fracturing of our societies or the planet’s destruction. We think that visions of a positive future are essential for bridging the gap between our global crisises and the solutions that lie beyond our current imagination. We are convinced that such visions will inspire the world to act in its own best interest by marrying science and technology to the highest ideals of equality, freedom, access to resources, sustainability, personal responsibility, and human dignity.


In alignment with the above, you can:

  • Submit your ideas, comments, statements and short essays for review and posting on the forum.
  • Dialogue with people you know about positive futures and encourage them to add their input.
  • Identify other ideals which you think could be part of a global vision of a positive future.
  • Suggest articles, books and other writings, and links to other websites.


We are in a time of great chaos and the light of hope is being smothered by greed, opportunism and blame. Our world is in the grip of anxiety, violence and fear. Dogma has replaced dialogue and self-interest has displaced compassion. Visions of a positive future have been condemned to mere fantasy and it seems that pessimism and prophecies of an Apocalypse are all that is left for us. We think a positive future vision is a vital first step in preventing this seemingly inevitable spiral into apathy and despair.

FUTURE VISION is not a new or revolutionary idea; it is the natural consequence of a healthy mind. But now, just when we need it most, our imagination is constrained by negativity, cynicism and hopelessness. It’s time to seize the moment and develop the blueprints for a new future. Question your assumptions and focus your vision on a positive future. Challenge your imagination and assume responsibility to create a future that will guide action toward greater peace and prosperity for us all.


Growing up in The Cold War era, I felt that global destruction was almost inevitable given the continual confrontation of states, countries, religions, cultures, political philosophies and ways of living. Perhaps because of my status, or maybe because I grew up the child of World Federalist parents, I have always considered myself a citizen of the world first, and, secondly, a citizen of wherever I happen to live on the planet. While fearing the future, I always held the hope that maybe it could be different.

Seeking a more optimistic way of looking at the future, I studied the history of philosophy, religion and cultural development, thinking that by looking to the past I might discover the answer. Two things became apparent during my investigation. First, we have never learned from history and there is currently no positive-future-oriented religion or philosophy. Secondly, and more recently, I have begun to notice that old ways of doing things in the world don’t seem to be working anymore – perhaps indicative of an old and worn-out paradigm ending and maybe a new paradigm emerging.

Out of my realizations, I have become committed and dedicated to thinking about the world as I want it to be and visioning ways to realize that positive future. This decision has led me to seek out information relative to this way of being and to connecting with with like-minded individuals.


I am an elder planetary citizen who believes in the conscious evolution of humanity and in our innate ability to solve the problems before us with creativity, imagination, hard work, community and non-violence. I do not consider myself a futurist in the classical sense. I do not have degrees in physics, philosophy or psychology. However, I do have a life-long interest in the psychology of Being and in the evolution of consciousness and I believe that we are in an era of unprecedented change.


As old social, political and economic structures disappear, we must develop new systems using what is valuable in our traditions but fueled with new imaginings of what is possible. We need a global brainstorm within the chaos out of which can emerge new structures to magnetize the future, inspire our imagination and attract our action. I am not by nature a communal animal. I prefer to work alone. But, I think the importance of this historic moment requires individual acts with a collective impact.